Welcome To Coach Legally: The Membership

Your all-access pass to a lawyer & legal resources for your online business.

Coach Legally: The Membership

Founded by attorney Christy Westerfeld, Esq. Coach Legally: The Membership is designed to bring you unprecedented access to legal education and information through weekly Q&A sessions, a community question board, and monthly masterclasses available exclusively to Coach Legally members. Get front row legal access for your business For less than $4.00 a day! 

Wishing you had access to a lawyer to ask questions, view exclusive trainings, and watch expert interviews?? 

What if that lawyer exclusively practiced in online business, coaching, and digital entrepreneurship, and sincerely cared about helping you get ALL  your questions answered?? 

...How about getting all of it for less than the price of your daily latte? 

Introducing...Coach Legally: The Membership! 

Welcome to your one-stop shop for ALL things legal in the coaching and consulting industry. Got questions? Confused about what to do? Need trainings? Want discounts on templates and other legal resources? The Membership is calling your name. 

I get it. Starting an online business is overwhelming! You want to focus on the fun, creative, money-making things...but then ALL THE THINGS get in the way. The website. The branding. The social media content. NOW you have to worry about the contracts and website legal documents too?! It’s just too much! 

It’s time to take the overwhelm and confusion OUT of legal. Instead of dreading the legal pieces (or just forgetting they exist entirely…) why not OWN them? Legal elements of business are EPIC money savers, business protectors, and overall lawsuit preventors, when you know how to use them. Plus, having this stuff in place can make YOU feel more confident, make you look more credible, and make your clients more excited about investing in your high-ticket programs. 

Join Now for just $97/month or $1,000 for the whole YEAR!

So what’s included??

  • WEEKLY (yes, you read that right!) Q&A Sessions with Christy to ask allllll the legal questions. This will be COMMUNITY time, for you to get everything set straight.
  • A live community chat board to ask questions anytime! 
  • Monthly training sessions on all things legal and business.
  • Guest Expert trainings in fields like tax, finance, mindset, website design, and more!
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs who care about building massive, legal businesses, and who want to be around other high-vibe CEOs!

YOU get to help shape the community. This is a space for you to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs who care about legally protecting their businesses. About making legal and financial savviness cool. This is not the space where people copy/paste their legal docs from someone else, swipe a document from something they found online, and forget to keep track of all their tax deductions. 

Oh, and the price? 

An hour of time with a lawyer will typically run you anywhere from $350-$1,000. PLUS, you’ll get access to trainings and other resources that we will update and add to all the time! The value of this Membership is easily $1,000-$1,500/month. 

But we’re giving it to you for just $97/month at the founder’s rate. Lock this rate in before it goes up! 

What would happen if you said YES to this community?

🙌  How much weight would be lifted off your shoulders, knowing you had somewhere to turn if you had a legal question?

💪  How EMPOWERING it would feel to attend (or have your team attend!) a monthly legal training, to make sure you weren’t accidentally doing something illegal, and to learn more about the legal side of business ownership.

🤩  How much better would you sleep, knowing you said YES to taking your business seriously? You said YES to the CEO within you.

This is for YOU. The woman who knows she is the 6 and 7-figure CEO she envisions. The one who is done feeling confused and scattered about legal. Who is done guessing. Done googling. Done listening to random comments on social media from non-lawyers making things up. (Hint: they’re usually wrong). The one who is ready for next level access to a lawyer, on point legal resources, and all-access to the information you actually NEED as an online coach or consultant, for less than the price of a Starbucks Latte per day. ☕

Ready to join us? We are waiting for you! Choose your plan below.